CBBS is aware that gas in not an unlimited resource and gas fired equipment need to operate at maximum efficiency. CBBS operates the latest gas monitoring equipment and is able to set up the combustion rate to ensure this level of efficiency is achieved.

  • CBBS have an extensive library on boiler and burner equipment
  • CBBS are a service partner with Saacke, Hunt Boilers, Consolidated Fire and Steam (Rendamax), Siemens, Accutherm Hunt Heating and Hydroheat.
  • CBBS employees are fully trained on burners; one of our service technicians began his career with Saacke England more than 45 years ago.
  • CBBS, while undertaking the service of equipment, at all times will ensure compliance with the manufacture specification and compliance with Australian Standards.
  • CBBS staff have undertaken comprehensive training with Siemens Pty Ltd on all aspects of the LMV and LME controllers.
  • CBBS is an accredited OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), having designed, installed and commissioned over 30 Siemen’s LMV systems in the Canberra region including the upgrade of the 8 MW and 4 MW Saacke burners located in the region.